History of the club

Order of Merit
Grading Council

Chris Hoath began training with Japan Karate-do Shobukan (Australia Branch) Chief Instructor Sensei Kyoshin Kayo at W.A.I.T. dojo (now known as Curtin University) - he progressed to 6th kyu.

Commenced the 5 month course at the WA Police Academy and soon after met Rick Weskin and Steve Brown who were training with Bill Nyssen, learning Shotokan karate at Bushido Martial Arts.

June - Chris commenced training with Sensei Bill Nyssen (Nidan) of Bushido Martial Arts (Shotokan).

In January, as a Shodan, Chris opened his first karate dojo with Bushido Martial Arts. The club was located in a child care centre in Ballajura, and later moved to a hall in Lansdale.

In September (because of work), Chris and Judy Hoath move to Mandurah and Chris begins training with Peter Wilkinson (Nidan) and soon join as a full member of Shotokan Karate International Australia (SKIA). Judy also commences training after 8 years of watching.
27 October, Coastal Shotokan opens its 1st dojo at Rockingham Senior High School Gymnasium with SKIA. Foundation members included Chris Hoath, Judy Hoath, Keith Blair, Bill Hird, Authur Walsh, Anthony Double, Wade Barry, Denham Carlyon and Andrew Border. (Chris, Judy and Denham are the surviving foundation members)

Judy opens Coastal Shotokan dojo at Safety Bay Senior High School, specializing in junior karateka. This is the same year Judy earned her Shodan in Gladstone Queensland before Kanazawa Kancho.

23 January 2001 the CSKA Rockingham senior class moved to Secret Harbour Community Centre in Oasis Drive.

3 June both the senior dojo of Secret Harbour and the junior dojo of Safety Bay moved to Icon Fitness Centre, Sunlight Drive Port Kennedy. This move was largely unsuccessful and was a search for a more suitable and permanent location.

January the club moved to the studios of Dance 4 Theatre Arts (also in Sunlight Drive Port Kennedy). Here the club has access to two studios that accommodate both junior and senior classes. At the same time CSKA went independent, resigning from SKIA and is now controlled by Chief Instructor and founder Chris Hoath.
December also saw the promotion of the first Dan grades as an independent organisation, awarded by the Chief Instructor. Successful were Judy Hoath and Candice Schmied to Sandan and Kyle Hoath to Nidan - a great moment in our history.

October, CSKA is offered Associate membership with the Australian Karate Federation (AKF), WA Branch.
17 October, Judy celebrates 10 years as a dojo Instructor with CSKA
11 December, Chris awarded Godan grade at CSKA Port Kennedy
15 December, Dan Gradings promote 3 to Sandan (Walter Hurni, Mike Betteridge and Paul Buck) and 2 to Shodan (Kirsty Hoath and Danielle Standley)

January, the club moves to the Betty Bentley Dance Studio, Stockton and Helmshore Streets in Port Kennedy. This is a top class clean facility with two studios that accommodate both junior and senior classes.
In May, we move the dojo back to Secret Harbour Community Centre in Oasis Drive.  This has always been the best facility and the change was essential due to the very slippery conditions at Port Kennedy.

Mid January the first Summer Course (3 weeks) for individual training and Bo.
In May Kyle Hoath was elevated to Instructor status (Sensei) and Mike Betteridge, Kirsty Hoath and Daniel Standley recognised as Senior students (Senpai).
October the Club celebrates 15 years
12 December, Judy achieves Yondan (4th Dan) and Kyle achieves Sandan (3rd Dan)

Train with SKIA's Suzuki Sensei at Carine dojo.  CSKA members attending included: Chris, Kyle, Walter Hurni, Mike Betteridge, Brett and Danni Standley, Mike Constable, Andrew and Kent Rogers, Toni Walker, Craig and his 2 boys
10 December, Chris awarded 6th dan grade by CSKA Grading Council

July saw the 1st Junior Black Belt grades awarded to Brett Standley and Toni Walker (see the picture gallery)
December, Walter Hurni promoted to 6th Dan

05 December, Chris awarded 7th Dan grade by CSKA Grading Council
07 December, John and Jane Hackett visit CSKA and conduct self defense session.

01 August, Denham Carlyon awarded Nidan by the grading council
24 September, Denham Carlyon awarded 
Sandan (3rd Dan) by the grading council
10 December, Maryn and Janine awarded Shodan (1st Dan)

01 July, Cedric 
awarded Sandan (3rd Dan) by the grading council
01 July, Lauren takes leave from the dojo to concentrate on becoming a mother (daughter due in August).  Class 4 of the juniors closes.
September - Paul, Denham and Cedric recognised as Instructors (Sensei's)
18 December, Maryn and Rilana awarded Nidan (2nd Dan), Judy promoted to 6th Dan by CSKA Grading Council

April, Judy retires
after 19 years as a CSKA instructor.
13 October, Denham Carlyon and Cedric Dugouchet recognised as senior instructors and given the title Renshi

19 April, Rilana
recognised as Senior Student (Senpai) and invited to CSKA Grading Council.
17 June, Art, Heather and Louie awarded Shodan (1st Dan). Kathryn promoted to Nidan (2nd Dan).
09 December, Joel awarded
Shodan (1st Dan). Sensei Denham promoted to Yondan (4th Dan).

29 June, Bob and Michael awarded
Shodan (1st Dan).
05 Dec, Joel and Carl awarded Nidan. Rilana promoted to the rank of Instructor (Tashi). Carl and Joel recognised as Senior Students (Senpai) and invited to the grading council.
07 Dec, Trish, Matt, Nathan and Xanthe awarded Shodan (1st Dan).

28 Aug, Sensei Rilana and Brett awarded Sandan (3rd Dan). Mike promoted to Rokudan (6th Dan)
20 Sep, Sensei Cedric promoted to Yondan (4th Dan). Mike promoted to the rank of Instructor (Tashi)
11 Dec, Jo and Kevin 
awarded Shodan (1st Dan).

12 Jun, the Dojo moved to Living Water College in WARNBRO. The club has access to a full length Gymnasium for both Senior and Junior classes. Classes start an hour earlier than before. The senior class is also extended to 1.5h of training.
11 Dec, Jane and Terry awarded Shodan (1st Dan), Art awarded Nidan (2nd Dan) by the grading council.

11 Dec, Yudi awarded Shodan (1st Dan), Bob awarded Nidan (2nd Dan) and Joel promoted to Sandan (3rd Dan)

16 Sep, Jolie awarded Shodan (1st Dan) and Sensei Denham promoted to Godan (5th Dan)
16 Dec, Gordon awarded Nidan (2nd Dan)

31 Jan, Art, Joel and Brett recognised as instructors (Sensei)
21 Dec, Danielle awarded Shodan (1st Dan)

1 Feb, CSKA Dojo moved to McLarty Hall in SHOALWATER.
7 Apr, 
Jane awarded Nidan (2nd Dan)
13 Dec, Sensei Cedric promoted to Godan (5th Dan)

Facts and Figures

Since 1992, Coastal Shotokan Karate Australia (as at 11/12/2019):

    * has instructed 431 students
    * has promoted 103 Dan (black belt) grades to 60 karateka (students)
    * developed numerous State Champions
    * represented at State and National Championships

Kihaku Award

The Kihaku Award celebrates the most outstanding student of the calendar year - one who displays the spirit and soul of karate.
Senior Awards
2004 Kevin George
2005 Danielle Standley
2006 Andrew Rogers
2007 Kent Rogers
2008 Mel Walker
2009 Cedric Dugouchet
2010 Maryn Kanara
2011 Chris Thompson
2012 Robert Pollard
2013 Trish Murphy
Liz Rees
2014 Joel Verdon
2015 Nathan Liadow
2016 Oscar Wood
2017 Yudi Lin
2018 Richard Suggate
2019 Danielle Hartshorn
Junior Awards
2004 Milan Nikolic
2005 Nick George
2006 Toni Walker
2007 Brett Standley
2008 Joshua Hagger
2009 Joshua Hagger
2010 Kathryn Rees
2011 Kathryn Rees
2012 Xanthe Carlyon
2013 Rachael Hagger
2014 Jordan Wegwermer
2015 Jolie Carlyon
2016 Jolie Carlyon.   Runner Up: Finley Ryan
2017 Finley Ryan
Jake Sturgess
2018 Beau Ryan
2019 Chase Sturgess

Term Champion

The Term Champion is a junior award presented to the student who is most improved in any area of karate - as judged by the instructors.
2012 Term 2 Filipe da Trindale Louie Kendrick
2012 Term 3 Ryan Southen Rachael Hagger
Lori Wilkinson
2012 Term 4 Ethan Curtis
Belinda Ramsey
Matthew Murphy
2013 Term 1 Jordan Wegwermer Louie Kendrick
2013 Term 2 Belinda Ramsay
2013 Term 3 Rachael Hagger Dannielle Field
2013 Term 4 Xanthe Carlyon
2014 Term 4 Reuben Liadow Jolie Carlyon
Grading Council

The councils core function is to evaluate and award gradings to members according to their achievements and commitment to the art of karate. These awards will take into consideration the members age and physical/mental abilities.

The Council will consist of the Chief Instructor, Senior Instructors, Instructors and Senior Students as appointed by the Chief Instructor.


Chief Instructor - Kyoshi (Expert Instructor)
Senior Instructor - Renshi (Polished Expert)
Instructor - Tashi (Expert)

Current Grading Council members:
Denham Carlyon (Kyoshi) Chief Instructor December 2012
Cedric Dugouchet (Kyoshi) Chief Instructor August 2010
Joel Verdon (Tashi) Instructor December 2016
Arthur Hartshorn (Tashi) Instructor December 2018

Order of Merit

List of current graded karateka and their rank

Name Rank Member
Denham C 5th Dan 0003
Cedric D 5th Dan 0098
Joel V 3rd Dan 0163
Arthur H 2nd Dan 0172
Gordon P 2nd Dan 0207
Jolie C 1st Dan 0194
Danielle H 1st Dan 0227
Jake S 2nd Kyu 0214
Chase S 3rd Kyu  0228
Claire D 4th Kyu 0229
Noah D 7th Kyu 0248
Danny R 7th Kyu 0249
Marc P 8th Kyu 0224
Luka P 8th Kyu 0223
Brett M 8th Kyu 0250
Angela M 8th Kyu 0251