About us

Founded in November 1992
Training on the west coast of Australia from Secret Harbour to Rockingham
Current financial member of: Australian Karate Federation (AKF) and the Australian Federation of Traditional Karate (AFTK).

Contact me on mobile: 0412 601 889
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Chief Instructor - Kyoshi (Expert Instructor)
Senior Instructor - Renshi (Polished Expert)
Instructor - Tashi (Expert)
Senior Student - Senpai (Senior)

Why train at CSKA?
Coastal Shotokan Karate Australia has earned a reputation since 1992 for teaching a high standard of Shotokan karate. Chief Instructor Chris Hoath is the head of the non-profit organization assisted by experienced Senior Instructor Judy Hoath.

Our instructors are highly qualified in their sport and have gained State and National government accreditation.  CSKA is an Associate member of the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) Western Australia Branch and is also a member of the Australian Federation of Traditional Karate (AFTK). Both associations (and their members) are highly respected karate organisations within Australia.  The Australian Karate Federation is recognized by the Ministry of Sport & Recreation and the Australian Sports Commission.
CSKA promotes ‘Health and Fitness’
Karate is a great activity, suitable for all ages and provides both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Karate is for the whole body, utilizing a wide range of movements which can be used for self-defense.
Build a strong body and mind. Karate will improve your balance, posture, coordination and timing.
Fun Activity
Karate is a great activity to interact with others and build a strong sense of belonging and friendship.  Coastal Shotokan Karate Australia is a family orientated organization.
Coastal Shotokan Karate Australia teaches traditional Japanese karate as taught by Kanazawa Kancho of Shotokan Karate International Federation. CSKA gradings are nationally recognized and conducted by fully qualified instructors.
Enjoy competition and pursue the rewards of participation. We teach sport karate to those interested and coach and prepare its students for State and National competitions.
Learn effective self defense techniques and enjoy the self confidence that karate promotes.